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Fire and Stone Pizza Company makes delicious, handcrafted Neapolitan-style pizzas with 100% locally sourced ingredients & lots of love! The entire team works relentlessly to serve the best pizza in Kigali.

Our pizzas are for delivery or pick-up only, you can order online and we’ll make sure to prepare and bake your pizza on time. Open every day (except Monday) from 12 p.m. to 3 p.m. and from 5 p.m. to 9:30 p.m.

For orders of more than 9 pizzas, please get in touch with us directly: +250 79 000 2444 or WhatsApp

Our pizzas



MARGHERITA + BASIL – Our signature dough topped with fresh tomato passata, local mozzarella from the lush green hills of Rwanda and a dash of delicious basil-garlic paste.

11’000 Fr
Peppa Mushroom Ham and Mushrooms

Peppa Mushroom

HAM + MUSHROOM – Thinly cut mushrooms from the Northern Province, delicately cooked with homemade spices and pepper-cooked ham for added delicacy.

12’900 Fr
Bad Hunter Vegetarian Vegetarien Pizza

Bad Hunter

BELL PEPPER + MUSHROOM – Rwandan vegetables and mushrooms cooked to perfection topped with crisp red onions and a dash of delicious basil-garlic paste.

11’800 Fr
Fino Kiona Salami Pepperoni

Fino Kiona

SALAMI + FENNEL – In honour of the Italian sausage “finocchiona”, the ultimate balance between slow-cooked tender fennel cuts and finely sliced salami.

12’300 Fr
Wat Zucchini Lemon Ricotta Pizza


ZUCCHINI + RICOTTA – Smooth and amazingly fresh combination of creamy ricotta and tender zucchini, perfectly spiced pepper-cooked ham and a squeeze of lemon for an extra zing.

12’900 Fr
Cheesy 4 four cheese pizza


4 CHEESES – Four Rwandan cheeses top our signature dough and fresh passata to create an emblematic pizza.

13’800 Fr
PULLED CHICKEN + CRISPY VEG – Delicately spiced, grilled and pulled local chicken with fresh and crispy green peppers and red onions.

Coffee A'pollo

PULLED CHICKEN + CRISPY VEG – Delicately spiced local chicken marinated in coffee BBQ sauce, then grilled and pulled to perfection. Served with red onions and crispy green peppers.

13’800 Fr
Trick or Treat Butternut Goat Cheese Pizza

Trick or Treat

BUTTERNUT + GOAT CHEESE – The perfect balance between the sweetness of roasted butternut, savoury goat cheese, crispy bacon and fresh rosemary.

12’900 Fr
Beauty and The Blue

Beauty & the Blue

BLUE CHEESE + SMOKED HAM – Rwandan-made creamy blue cheese topped with smoked ham, apple slices, and macadamia nuts for a delightful, nutty taste.

13’800 Fr


SPINACH + FETA – We love spinach (like Popeye) on our pizzas! Enjoy it with a twist of feta, macadamia nuts, and chili flakes for a delicious and inspiring combination.

12’900 Fr

Karma Bread – 500gr

Artisanal bread loaves with a twist! Crafted from recycled pizza dough, Karma Breads are not just bread; they’re a delicious reminder that good things come full circle. Savor the taste of renewal with every slice, and join us in reducing waste one loaf at a time.

2’000 Fr

Kunda Gelato – Vanilla – 100ml

The “Ramba Vanilla” a classic enhanced by the strong taste of fresh vanilla pods from Uganda.

5’500 Fr

Kunda Gelato – Coffee – 100ml

The “KawaKunda” is the perfect blend of espresso, crushed coffee beans and milk from the Rwandan hills.

5’500 Fr

Kunda Gelato – Passion – 100ml

The “Tunda Passion” makes us passionate about our Rwandan passion fruits, texture and taste reach perfection.

5’500 Fr

Kunda Gelato – Tree Tomato – 100ml

The “Tangaza Tree Tomato” is there to delight with the tangy tree tomato giving a mixed berry taste to this surprising sorbet.

5’500 Fr

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