About us

About us

At Fire and Stone, we take pizza making very seriously without taking ourselves too seriously.

We embraced the challenge of making a delicious Neapolitan-style pizza sourcing 100% of our ingredients in Rwanda. After 147 tests (and a lot of excel sheets), our very own Margherita was born.

Everything is homemade with love, from the fresh tomato passata to the different gourmet toppings creations. Our difference is in the dough; a secret recipe and a long-fermentation method, enhancing natural flavors and developing the perfect crunchy-fluffy texture.

And because customer satisfaction is our priority, we offer a convenient and reliable delivery service, making sure your order is delivered hot and on time!


Want to get in touch with us ?

Phone : +250 79 000 2444 or WhatsApp
Email : [email protected]
Address : 10 KG 672 St (inside Gate 10) – Kigali, Rwanda

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