12'900 Fr

SPINACH + FETA – We love spinach (like Popeye) on our pizzas! Enjoy it with a twist of feta, macadamia nuts, and chili flakes for a delicious and inspiring combination.

No cherry tomatoes

No feta crumble

No chili flakes

No macadamia nuts

No garlic

Signature dough, 27cm (11in)

Ham 1'500 Fr

Pulled Chicken 1'500 Fr

Smoked Ham 1'500 Fr

Salami 1'500 Fr

Bacon 1'500 Fr

Mozzarella 1'500 Fr

Vegan Mozzarella 2'500 Fr



SPINACH + FETA (fresh cream, mozzarella, feta, cherry tomatoes, spinach, garlic, and macadamia nuts)